Thursday, 28 February 2013


I am so into glitter at the moment it's so crazy. :D I never liked glitter that much on my nails, probably because I've always had short nails. So then I saw others use it on short nails and thought why not?. I used a navy blue metallic base colour, then purple mix in with turquoise glitter over the top. I am hoping my little finger nails grow back soon after evil Acrylics.

Polished used were:

La Colors - Blue Lagoon
La Colors - Jewel Tone


  1. truly beautiful glitter! we need some of those in the shops!

  2. haha.. evil funny :D
    anyway..really love those glitters :D
    very romantic & enchanting <3

  3. Wow so nice, I never get glitter to shine so perfectly on my photos :P

    1. My good old light box I made help me with that. I always had problems.

      Thank you also.


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